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incorporated on september 13, 1913 under the indian companies act of 1882, the organization has played a pivotal role in the economic and social landscape of karachi ever since. a strike on just nine substations could Cause a coast-to-coast blackout Back in March, the Wall Street Journal reported that a terrorist attack on just nine of the country's 55,000 electric substations could cause a coast-to-coast blackout — especially on a hot summer's day. As an alternate class activity, assign each student a different role of all the types of people who might find themselves in a blackout. What happens next?Beyond the American Blackout community screenings and awareness campaign, the End the Blackout Campaign is enlisting concerned citizens to become members of community watch groups for instances of vote suppression and election manipulation that occur in their local areas. Because of this, trains were still running at 3:01 a. Eleven blackout dates are listed for standard miles holders in 2012, while only four -- Jan. 3 million people, and was the largest power outage in over 70 years, producing devastating results.

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